Arthritis In Pets

Pets may sometimes develop arthritis. When you have an aging pet, they may start to have discomfort or pain in one or more joints. When this happens, they need to see a veterinarian, as it is possible that they have arthritis. There's no cure for arthritis, but there are several treatments that can slow down prognosis. Arthritis treatment is necessary for your pet to have a better quality of life so that they can still do a few things that they like to do. When you think your pet may have arthritis or has already been diagnosed with arthritis, call our Lynnwood, WA, office to schedule your pet's exam. The comfort of your pet is of the utmost importance. 

Arthritis In Pets

Arthritis in Pets

Pets who start to enter middle age may start to get joint pain in various joints. By the time pets get elderly, many of them have a moderate to severe case of arthritis. With arthritis, there is joint damage that causes instability in the joint, and this leads to irregular movement. When this happens, it can wear down the cartilage which serves as a barrier so that bones don't touch. When that barrier gets worn away, the bones rub over on each other painfully. The joint can get inflamed and continue to get worse as the bones rub together. There are treatments such as medications, acupuncture, and rehabilitation that can help with the pain and inflammation. 

Arthritis Symptoms in Pets

An increase in stiffness in your pet when they move is a big sign that they might have arthritis or some discomfort. Certain behavioral changes such as laying down more can also be a sign. Many pets with arthritis will limp or may stop being as playful as they have always been. They may not be able to jump onto furniture or into a litter box anymore. They may struggle to climb stairs, climb, or jump. They may have too much pain to follow people around if they used to do that. Cats often start to have accidents outside the litter box, and dogs tend to pant heavily. When a pet who used to have a lot of energy only wants to lie down, pain can be a cause for this change. 

See the Veterinarian for Pet Arthritis Treatment in Lynnwood, WA

To see whether your pet may be suffering from pain and discomfort, have them get a physical exam from the veterinarian. You can call our Lynnwood, WA, office to schedule the appointment. 

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