Pet Eye Infections FAQ

Pets are susceptible to eye infections, which can be uncomfortable and can cause damage to their eyes if not promptly treated. At Animal Hospital of Lynnwood in Lynnwood, WA, we treat the root cause of eye issues, helping restore your pet’s health. Below are some frequently asked questions about pet eye infections. If you have additional questions, speak with one of our veterinarians for advice. 

What causes eye infections? 

Several factors can cause pet eye infections, including bacteria, fungus, and parasites. In addition, eye infections could be a sign of a more complicated condition or a symptom of a weak immune system. 

What are the symptoms of eye infections? 

Symptoms of pet eye infections vary based on the cause of the infection. Some pets have an abnormal discharge from one or both eyes, which can be clear, creamy, green, or crusty. This discharge may also have a foul smell.

Other symptoms of pet eye infections include squinting, redness, discoloration, excessive blinking, sensitivity to light, and constant rubbing of the infected eye. Contact our veterinarians for treatment at the first sign of an eye infection. 

How are eye infections treated? 

Before starting treatment for pet eye infections, you must take your pet to a veterinarian for diagnosis. Once diagnosed, the vet may prescribe eye drops or other medication to treat the infection. In more severe cases, eye surgery may be needed to prevent further complications due to infection or referral to an ophthalmologist. 

Can eye infections be prevented? 

Several measures can be taken to help prevent eye infections from occurring, including keeping the hair around your pet’s eyes clean and trimmed. After playing outside, wipe down your pet’s face to remove pollen, dirt, and fungi, which can lead to eye infections. Do not use eye drops designed for humans in your pet’s eyes. Ask our veterinarian about other measures you can take to prevent your pet’s eyes from becoming infected.

See a Veterinarian for Your Pet’s Eye Infection Treatment

If your pet shows signs of an eye infection, schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians for diagnosis and treatment. Our veterinary care team at Animal Hospital of Lynnwood in Lynnwood, WA, can help diagnose your pet’s eye infection and provide treatment. We also offer preventative care treatment options, including wellness exams and vaccinations. Call our office today at (425) 771-6300 for more information or to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian. 

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