Lameness & Limping

When pet owners see their pets in distress while trying to walk and maneuver around the home, finding out what is causing the pain is a priority. At the Animal Hospital of Lynnwood, our veterinary services include diagnosing and treating lameness & limping. Don’t worry, because a “veterinarian near me” is here to help. 

Lameness and Limping pet

Causes of Lameness & Limping

Seeing your pet not walking in a normal manner can be upsetting, especially if there is no sign of an exterior trauma to his legs. You may assume it is just a cramp, or that your pet is older, and you chalk it up to old age and stiff joints.

In some cases, there could be a serious underlying condition. At our animal hospital, a veterinarian on our team can examine your pet, order blood tests and x-rays for clear images of the bones. With this information, a vet on our team can diagnose the issue and then treat the problem.

Causes of Lameness & Limping

Not all symptoms will involve the legs.  This is why it is important to watch your pet closely and note what symptoms he is displaying, so that you can share the information with our veterinarian.

Some causes for lameness and limping are clear, such as a fractured bone, a sprain or a strained muscle, an injury to the nails, or an infected paw.

Less obvious causes include pets that are experiencing the onset of arthritis and/or cancerous tumors. An issue with the spinal disc, or a condition affecting hip joints could also be contributing factors.

Signs Your Pet Is in Pain

Here are some signs to be aware of:

  • Avoids playing.
  • Cannot maintain balance.
  • Going up or down stairs may be a struggle or not possible.
  • Sitting, standing, or lying down may be problematic.
  • A leg or legs are swollen.
  • Your pet is running a high fever.
  • Exhibits aggressive behavior.
  • Excessive whining.
  • Blood around the mouth.
  • Blood in their stool.
  • Vomiting.

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We are always happy to have new pet patients join us at the Animal Hospital of Lynnwood. Our goal is to instill trust and reliability while providing excellent care to our fur friends. Call us at (425) 771-6300 for our Lynnwood, WA, clinic. Visit us to get holistic vet care from a “veterinarian near me.”


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