Pet Radiology

Diagnosing a beloved pet's illness when she's clearly not feeling well can be difficult. There are times when even your vet can't tell you what's wrong at a glance. This is when pet radiology may be required in order to get to the bottom of the problem. Here at Animal Hospital of Lynnwood, we provide pet radiology services in order to accurately diagnose conditions that your pet may be suffering from.


What Exactly Is Pet Radiology?

Pet radiology is essentially taking a look inside your pet's body without the need for invasive procedures. Radiology can look at everything from bones and soft tissue to the stomach, heart, digestive and reproductive organs, urinary tract, liver, and lungs. A lot of health conditions may have clearly identifiable symptoms and Dr. Rupali Sodhi and Dr. Tejinder Sodhi will be able to tell you exactly what your pet is going through with a traditional exam alone, but in instances where the symptoms are not so clear, we can't exactly ask your dog or cat where it hurts. That is why radiology is a critical tool for assessing the problem.

Does My Pet Need to See a Veterinarian for Radiology?

We can't really be sure as to whether or not your pet needs radiology until we take a look at her at our clinic in Lynwood and run some basic tests. In many cases, it might only take a veterinarian a few minutes within meeting the animal to determine the problem. If we need to investigate any further, radiology can provide fast, comprehensive, and accurate results that will help us to pinpoint exactly what's happening with your dog and cat and determine what steps to take next.

It's a good idea to be an informed pet-owner. This includes finding out what common symptoms mean and how they might be addressed.

Precision and Peace of Mind for Lynwood Pet Lovers

At Lynwood Animal Hospital, we know that radiology buys you two things: precision, and peace of mind. If your pet is in need of help, get in touch to book an appointment and we'll see what we can do for your pet. (425) 771-6300


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