Senior Care

Thanks to advances in modern veterinary care, our pets are living longer, healthier lives. As your pet ages, he will require more comprehensive care to keep him looking and feeling his best. At Animal Hospital of Lynnwood in Lynnwood, WA, your senior pet can benefit from the experience of a holistic vet to improve his quality of life. We’ll work with you in preventing and managing your pet’s health and wellness during this critical stage of life. 


When Pets Become Seniors

Pets are generally considered senior when they turn seven years of age. However, they will vary in their level of care. Some pets are still in great health at this age, while others are beginning to slow down or show signs of health issues. Large dog breeds often age quicker than their small breed counterparts. Cats often need greater proactive care starting with their seventh year to keep them in good health long-term. 

In addition to age, your pet’s health, lifestyle, and behavior will play a role in determining its senior care. Changes in your pet’s behavior, eating, or elimination habits could be an indication of hidden medical issues that require treatment. By staying on top of your pet’s veterinary care as he ages, you can help him live a healthier life in his senior years.

Senior Pet Care

As your pet ages, his immune system becomes weaker, making him more prone to sickness and disease. For this reason, we recommend you schedule a wellness exam every 6 months for your senior pet so we can closely monitor his health. Wellness checkups give our Lynnwood holistic vet the opportunity to catch hidden medical issues as well as treat obvious problems quicker before they can seriously impair your pet’s health.

A senior pet wellness exam consists of a comprehensive physical, x-rays and blood work to detect early warning signs of health issues. At this stage of your pet’s life, early intervention is key to restoring his health. We’ll also update your pet’s vaccinations and parasite prevention medications to protect your pet from life-threatening diseases. If your pet is overweight, a common problem for senior pets due to reduced mobility, we'll recommend changes to his exercise and/or dietary regimen to help him get back in shape.  

For chronic conditions like arthritis, our Lynnwood, WA, veterinarian can prescribe medication to relieve pain so your pet can continue to enjoy a high quality of life. We’ll work with you in outlining a treatment plan conducive to your pet’s healthcare needs.

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