Holistic Pet Care

When your pets are ill, it is natural for you to want to try anything to help them feel better. At Animal Hospital of Lynnwood, we want to be there for pets and their owners. We provide both conventional and natural treatments for your pets that can help them to heal and experience less pain.


What is Holistic Pet Care?

Holistic pet care is healthcare that takes a more natural approach and focuses on the animal as a whole. We might not use pharmaceutical antibiotics right away for example and we will not just look at the reason that you brought your friend in. Our veterinarians will look at the entire picture and develop a treatment plan that is as natural as possible. If your pet needs more conventional medical care, we have that available as well on-site.

Holistic Pet Care Does Not Treat Everything

There are some things that holistic pet care cannot treat on its own. We do however look at the entire picture that your pet is presenting. If your pet is not eating, it may not just be a digestion problem for example. Our veterinarians will perform a comprehensive examination to determine the source of the medical issue.

Our veterinarians want to know everything about how your pet is doing at home, when did the problem start, what changes have been observed since the illness or injury, and what makes your pet feel better. We will likely recommend a few follow-ups for further testing, especially if the problem continues. We have a number of diagnostic tests and treatment options to provide veterinary care for your furry friend.

How is Holistic Care Different?

Holistic pet care is different from conventional veterinary care in that it does allow conventional treatment modalities, such as vaccinations and medications. However, the holistic veterinarian looks at the bigger picture. For example, the conventional veterinarian may just treat a wound, but a holistic vet will look at everything the pet has been doing at home since the injury occurred. Holistic care is not meant to replace conventional care, but rather to complement it.

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