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Just as is the case with people, the bodies of animals receive many of the same benefits from homeopathic healing, namely the ability of the body to heal itself, especially when subjected to tiny amounts of natural substances, like plants and minerals.  Unlike many medications, the substances used in homeopathy are all-natural and normally produce no side effects.  This is the central message of veterinarians Dr. Tejinder Sodhi and Dr. Rupali Sodhi, who operate Animal Hospital of Lynnwood, located in Lynnwood, Washington.


Homeopathy Methods for Pets

Anyone who loves his pets is concerned about their health and well-being.  This is understandable, but what most pet owners don't realize is that just as they might opt to visit a physician who specializes in homeopathic treatments, so do some veterinarians.  Unfortunately, many pet owners don't understand that just as is the case with doctors for humans, some veterinarians pursue homeopathic treatments or pursue them in addition to generally accepted medical treatment methods.

Dr. Tejinder Sodhi and Dr. Rupali Sodhi practice not only homeopathic treatments with the substances that they prescribe, but they also use treatments such as chiropractic in their treatment of animals.  Both Dr. Tejinder Sodhi and Dr. Rupali Sodhi have chosen this approach in response to the unique demands of their more health-conscious clientele and their pets. This specialization has inspired clients to bring their pets to Animal Hospital of Lynnwood from the greater Seattle area as well as on the Eastside.  Here at Animal Hospital of Lynnwood, we treat animals with natural methods, including acupuncture and chiropractic, among other holistic methods.

Homeopathy Practiced by a Qualified Veterinarian  

If you are in search of a veterinarian, especially if you prefer homeopathic methods in the treatment of your pets, consider bringing your pets to us at Animal Hospital of Lynnwood, where natural cures aren't just another way of treatment for pets, it's the standard of care.  The next time your pet is in need of treatment for an illness or injury, and you want to consider a natural way to heal your animal, consider coming to Animal Hospital of Lynnwood, located in Lynnwood, Washington.  Let us show you how our treatment methods work, often better than conventional medical treatments.  You might be pleasantly surprised to find that your pet will be better off without the side effects of standard medications and methods.  Give us a call at (425) 771-6300 to set up an appointment.

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