Pet Eye Infections

As much as we would love for our pets to never get sick, the truth is that they are also susceptible to experiencing a wide range of problems and illnesses, including eye infections. Your pets might be even more prone to eye infections due to their low stature, poor hygiene, or even predisposition to infections. Because of this, it may be important to get your pet the care they need to help them see clearly, improve their overall vision, and improve their quality of life.

Eye issues can be serious, so get them help from a veterinarian right away at Animal Hospital of Lynnwood! We'll be here to help our pet owners in Lynnwood, WA, get the care they need for their pets to recover from pet eye infections, as well as prevent complications from these infections impacting their overall quality of life.


.Causes Pet Eye Infections?

Pet eye infections have many of the same causes as human eye infections. This may include exposure to a harmful bacteria, virus, or fungus that can seep into your pet's eyes and cause some very uncomfortable symptoms. Such symptoms include red eyes, discharge coming from your pets eyes, increased tear production, and trouble seeing.

Pet eye infections can lead to complications if left untreated. This can include total vision loss and even loss of the eye itself. That's why it can be important to visit a vet, who can help alert you to the best treatment options for your pet according to their specific infection.

How Does a Veterinarian Help?

A vet on our veterinary team can help determine the root cause of what is going on, whether it's bacteria, fungal, or due to allergies. He or she can also give you medications such as eye drops and ointments, which can help your pet recover fast from their eye infections and jump start their road to recovery.

A vet can also recommend lifestyle changes to ensure your pet doesn't have to face another pet eye infection. This can include regular cleanings around the eye, changing your pet's litter box, or keeping them away from other infected pets in the home.

Get Pet Care for Pet Eye Infections from a Veterinarian at on Our Veterinary Team

Get your pet the treatment they need for pet eye infections with us at Animal Hospital of Lynnwood serving Lynnwood, WA, so they can start seeing clearly with the help of a veterinarian on our veterinary team. Call us at (425) 771-6300.


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